Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week Number 3

So the weight release has slowed down but I am still losing inches. Yeah we call it release now, not loss....
Why? Ask the girls in our group, something to do with mind over matter LOL!

24 days done and I'm down a total of 20.8 lbs and 22 inches off the body. Two belt holes tighter and my pants are hanging from me. My ass has disappeared somewhere??? Back into a 34 as the 36 hang. Even my shirts aren't fitting well. I can see spending a few Quid in Vegas on cloths. I may need to buy the second suitcase this time.
You can stop reading now as I am posting a before and after photo. If you do carry on its at your own risk.

The photo doesn't show how much I really have decreased around my belly.
Its around my chest and diaghpram that the most inches I have lost, sorry released and my belly is really down its just the way the shorts sit.

So I'm below 210 now so its the last push to see if I can hit 200. Heres hoping!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Week 2 Day 14 Weigh In

Down 16.4lbs lost 19 total inches.
My starting weight was 225 loaded up to 229.4 and now sit at 213.
The inches could have been more but was doing some running and my legs and calves have increased in size!
Still feel great! No hunger and still lots of energy. Belts have moved a notch and jeans are now hanging loose! Woot!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Week #1

So I started this diet, sorry lifestyle change on January 20, 2012.
My start weight was 225. The first portion of the diet is called loading which is exactly that you eat fatty foods to build up a stock pile for the long haul. Also shows you how much you can actually start to hate greasy foods.

You try to gain between 4-6lbs over the next two to four days if needed. Me four days not a chance 4.4lbs in two days. OK add this to the list of things I'm good at!

Then the diet phase begins. Actually called Phase Two Ha ha! Its a list of meat 100grams and vegetables that you get to eat twice a day. when you look at it that little piece of meat is actually a serving and have gotten use to it. Problem is when we go out its always excepted to have this huge amount of meat and bun that you can't even bite. I knew portions was always a problem for me so this is good showing me I can eat small amounts and not starve. You eat two fruits servings a day as well. Apples, oranges, grapefruit or strawberries.

The key is also the supplements you get to take. Green tea plus a bunch of others about ten pills taken with the meals. Haven't' really been hungry yet. Cravings that's another story. Remember the statement a few paragraphs before! Oh I miss Cheese. More than anything I would love a glass of milk. Pop haven't missed and was surprised I never really had a caffeine crash from no coffee or Pepsi!

So results: Drum roll please!
start weight: 225, load weight 229.4, today 217.8, down 11.6 lbs
Inches lost on the bod : 17

2 inches off my chest, diaphragm, stomach and waist!!!
I ve lost weight around my calf's arms and thighs as well. My neck notta. Guess I'm stuck with a thick one.

Svelte Kachor

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On Day 4

Only lost 1 lb today.
Total 8.8lbs on day 6 since starting the loading.
So really day 3 of diet eating day 4!!! Confused yet me too!
Made the veg soup and thru in the 100grams of ground beef.
One thing I can say is things are tasty so its easy to want to eat.
No choking down crap you don't like.
Feeling great around my diaphram. I have lost a lot there as this is where it gets uncomfortable when I pack on the pounds.

Strawberries for my snack. Mmmmmm Sweeeet!
Here's to going to sleep dreaming of the fat melting away.

Marriann my work mate is doing and looking incredible. Wearing cloths she hasn't seen in years. Will miss her support next week when I move to my new job but I know she's only text and a tweet away.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Time to lose the Gut!!!

So ran last year dropped 20lbs naturally and felt great and looked great. Just couldn't get rid of the spare tire. My co-worker Marriann started a diet and I have watched the pounds melting off her. So...

Started the CR500 weight loss program. Its hormone free! 1st phase is loading which how I think about it is telling the body not to store fat while burning it away. You need to gain a few pounds eating tons of glorious fatty foods.

This loading thing..... I was so pumped for it. I can dooooit!
Fastfood could be my middle name!!!

... My body feels horrible to much crap and its saying no more its only 3:30pm. Everyone says to take the punishment for all the years of abusing my body. Can't wait to start losing pounds and detoxing. Has anyone gained the 4-6 pounds in a day? I could be the first. LOL! Can't think what to have for supper my stomach just curls. Hopefully will have a better positive attitude in a few days right now its nappy time!

Tomorrow Roughnecks game ice cream, nachos and cheese burgers. If anything I can do this phase well.

Will keep you posted, not sure if you want to see the before photos


Monday, November 7, 2011

Birth of a New Tradition

Christmas 2011
Birth of a New Tradition
As the holidays approach, the giant Asian factories are kicking into
high gear to provide Canadians with monstrous piles of cheaply
produced goods -- merchandise that has been produced at the expense of
Canadian labor. This year will be different. This year Canadians will
give the gift of genuine concern for other Canadians. There is no
longer an excuse that, at gift giving time, nothing can be found that
is produced by Canadians hands. Yes there is!
It's time to think outside the box, people. Who says a gift needs to
fit in a shirt box, wrapped in Chinese produced wrapping paper?
Everyone -- yes EVERYONE gets their hair cut. How about gift
certificates from your local Canadian hair salon or barber?
Gym membership? It's appropriate for all ages who are thinking about
some health improvement.
Who wouldn't appreciate getting their car detailed? Small, Canadian
owned detail shops and car washes would love to sell you a gift
certificate or a book of gift certificates.
Are you one of those extravagant givers who think nothing of plonking
down the Benjamines on a Chinese made flat-screen? Perhaps that
grateful gift receiver would like his driveway sealed, or lawn mowed
for the summer, or driveway plowed all winter, or games at the local
golf course.
There are a bazillion owner-run restaurants -- all offering gift
certificates. And, if your intended isn't the fancy eatery sort, what
about a half dozen breakfasts at the local breakfast joint. Remember,
folks this isn't about big National chains -- this is about supporting
your home town Canadian with their financial lives on the line to keep
their doors open.
How many people couldn't use an oil change for their car, truck or
motorcycle, done at a shop run by the Canadian working guy?
Thinking about a heartfelt gift for mom? Mom would LOVE the services
of a local cleaning lady for a day.
My computer could use a tune-up, and I KNOW I can find some young guy
who is struggling to get his repair business up and running.
OK, you were looking for something more personal. Local crafts people
spin their own wool and knit them into scarves. They make jewelry, and
pottery and beautiful wooden boxes.
Plan your holiday outings at local, owner operated restaurants and
leave your server a nice tip. And, how about going out to see a play
or ballet at your hometown theatre.
Musicians need love too, so find a venue showcasing local bands.
Honestly, people, do you REALLY need to buy another ten thousand
Chinese lights for the house? When you buy a five dollar string of
lights, about fifty cents stays in the community. If you have those
kinds of bucks to burn, leave the mailman, trash guy or babysitter a
nice BIG tip.
You see, Christmas is no longer about draining Canadian pockets so
that China can build another glittering city. Christmas is now about
caring about us, encouraging Canadian small businesses to keep
plugging away to follow their dreams. And, when we care about other
Canadians, we care about our communities, and the benefits come back
to us in ways we couldn't imagine. THIS is the new Canadian Christmas
Forward this to everyone on your mailing list -- post it to discussion
groups -- throw up a post on Craigslist in the Rants and Raves section
in your city -- send it to the editor of your local paper and radio
stations, and TV news departments. This is a revolution of caring
about each other, and isn't that what Christmas is about?

BUY CANADIAN - BE CANADIAN - The job you save might be your own

Thursday, April 7, 2011

St. Andrews Presbyterian College

Message to me from their coach looking for players interested in heading to the states to go to school and play some lacrosse.

Dear Rob,

I will keep this short and sweet. We have something exciting and special going here at St. Andrews. With only 22 on our roster, and 18 that we can dress, we are winning.

Attached is a press release of our most recent against nationally ranked Queens University of Charlotte. They 35 guys at our 17, and our 17 wanted it more.

We are losing only 3 seniors, and we need to add depth to our roster.

We are looking to for any kids that want to play in the state and go to college.

This is to keep you informed on how the team is doing. The kids you know, could help us take this program back to the top of Division II lacrosse, and help us on our to make a run for National Championship.

We currently sit at a 7-8 record,with one game remaining. We plan on being nationally ranked next year, and competing for a conference tournament. In 2013 when the NCAA expands the Division II national tournament, we plan to be there. With your help and the help of your players, our goals can become reality for your players.

Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you soon,

Coach Sherman

St. Andrews Presbyterian College
1700 Dogwood Mile
Laurinburg, NC 28352

Mike Lawson
Head Coach

Christopher Sherman
Asst. Coach